15 May 2007

Symptoms may include:

  • May 15, 2007
Symptoms may include: 

Loss of (or increase in) libido
Fatigue and/or general malaise
Lumpy throat, heavy heart, and/or tight or tingly abdomen
Sore throat, frequent sneezing (likely due to persistent insomnia)
A manic and abnormal desire to keep busy
emotional extremes, positive, negative, or both (depending on individual circumstances)

Diagnoses may be either love sickness or a broken heart.
Distinguishing between the two may be very difficult, and is best determined by patient's circumstances

The only known cure (which, unfortunately, has no known reliable source) is a mutual loving relationship. Treatment usually involves a (preferably single) compatible individual of the opposite sex (or in certain select cases, of the same sex). This individual should be placed in regular contact with the patient.

If individual with these characteristics is unavailable, temporary or long-term relief may be found in the solace of patients friends, or the distraction of work or volunteering. This, unlike the former treatment, can not cure the condition, however, many individuals have lived long, full and productive lives with these conditions using only the latter treatment.

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