27 May 2007

Guess who just did his first one handed pull up?

  • May 27, 2007

Guess who just did his first one handed pull up?

Oh hell yes!

And to think, so much money, so much time wasted on gym memberships and working out.
When all I had to do was start working as a mover/hauler.

Ok, ok, I admit it
It wasn't really a proper pull-up.
It was what the junior high school gym teacher referred to as a 1/2 pull-up, so that he didn't have to give out so many zeros during the annual fitness test. 
(Back then there were a lot of halves, ones, occasionally a two.  I used to pop off 10 or 15...)
Not the entire range of motion, from full extension to full contraction.
I can go from either full extension to half way, or half way to full contraction, but not quite both at once.

But this is sure the closest I've ever come!
I'm pretty happy with it.
Give me a couple months with my new in home pull-up bar, and...

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