18 May 2007

Update to 2 previous blogs

  • May 18, 2007

Update to 2 previous blogs

(As you may have noticed, the dates my blogs are supposedly posted are not always accurate, and occasionally even change.
This is because I think it is easier to read, and easier to distinguish one from another, when there is that solid stripe between them which only separates days, not entries.  Rest assured that they are always in chronological order, and never more than a day or two off from when they were really written.)

Here is a short sample of the transcription accuracy when the person leaving the message is not deliberately saying lots of weird and random things just to test the system.
I just got this email from SpinVox:
    • You received a new voicemail from +1510[*******]:

      Bakari. Hey, Dave calling about the workday around noon. Hey, thanks for offering to work today, but we're all set. I've got the shifts covered, so you're next on for Fri afternoon 2 to 9. I will see you then around 2:00. Thanks again. Have a great back-to-work day. Talk to you later.
      - Powered by SpinVox.

      Message received at May 17, 2007 7:14:21 PM

      If you wish to listen to this message, call your voicemail on +925[*******] and press *03

      For assistance, see www.spinvox.com or email service@spinvox.com

      Thank you,

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