18 September 2006

29; My neigbor is a Republican (who lives in a tiny trailer)

·                     Sep 18, 2006

29; My neigbor is a Republican (who lives in a tiny trailer)

He once told a story about how his teacher once hit him as punishment for misbehavior, which he felt was completely unreasonable, and which he never forgave that teacher for.  He went on to say that one of the problems with today's youth is caused by "the liberals" not allowing corporal punishment in school.
When I pointed out that hypocrisy, it was like he didn't even hear me.  He just started in on a new topic.
In fact he blamed "the liberals" for everything he thought was bad about society, which seems not to be uncommon among much of this countries population.

I can only assume that they also have a problem with vacation, weekends, overtime pay, minimum wage, health benefits, all benefits for that matter, the 40 hour work week, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, OSHA and workplace safety standards, fair hiring laws and all other anti-discrimination measures.
While we are at it, we should also eliminate all anti-trust laws and anti-monopoly measures.
Partially this is likely caused by ignorance, since these things are not issues today, it is easy to ignore the fact that they ever were. 

Think of it like this:

You are a teen. You're parents are split up. When you are with your dad, he helps you get a credit card, he tells you, "buy whatever you want".
When you are with your mom, she takes it away, she says, "you can only buy what you can afford, and you have to work for your money"

Which parent will be more popular with you right now? Your dad, of course.
But in five years, when the collection agency keeps calling and writing and occasionally showing up at your house, will you remember that you chose to listen to your dad, and learn from your mistakes, or will you think only of the present situation, without considering how you got there?

This is a simple, yet accurate, analogy of how conservative politicians get so much popular support, even though they consistently hurt the American economy.

Republicans run the government on credit.

That way, they can lower taxes, which makes them popular with an ignorant population which does not realize that getting a few hundred dollars back at the end of the year does not make up for the services they will have to eventually give up.
It allows them to keep those services while they are in office, so that nobody notices. They realize that by the time the interest payments catch up to us, they will have been term-limited out of office anyway, and no one will blame them.

Democrats, on the other hand, seem to feel some degree of social responsibility when they are in power, and enact policies which are for the good of the American people, even if they are unpopular.

Americans elected Jr., and then even after everything he did the first time, they elected him again!

But then,
Half of us believe in Genesis literally.
The Superbowl gets many times more viewers than presidential debates
Despite $3 a gallon prices, the Big 3 still make ever larger and more powerful cars and trucks (its not just SUVs, your 200HP sedan is just as wasteful) because that's still what we buy.
Hell, we don't even use the metric system.
I bet he'd win a third time, if there were no term limits

(See blog from Aug. 5th, "#8; in which I point out that Republicans are not conservative" for an indepth look at the economics)

This shows that Republicans come in two forms:

1 The super rich, ultra selfish, who don't mind destroying America as long as it makes them a larger profit,


2 The ultra stupid, who believe whatever they are told by the first group, and who like to imagine that they will one day be rich, and so don't dare question anything the rich do.
This second group elected Bush Jr. (twice), they buy cars twice the size they need, they sincerely care who wins the super bowl, they hate illegal immigrants and Muslims (and anyone else who they can classify as "other") and most of them believe in creationism even though we have the human genome mapped and can clone and genetic engineer.
This second group is why the country is allowed to be run on credit - they are the same people who buy on credit, make only the minimum payments, and don't see any reason the country shouldn't do the same.

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