16 September 2006

27; Join The California Resistance

·                     Sep 16, 2006

27; Join The California Resistance

I want to stop the rest of the country from moving in.

They all know this is the best place to live, that's why they keep coming in and driving our housing prices up. But those fuckers weren't born here, I was, why the hell should my tax dollars let them drive on my roads? They need to stay the fuck in Kansas or Ohio or New York or where ever the hell they keep coming from, cause we have enough people here already.
And as if that's not bad enough, they come bringing their republican and christian bull with them.

Look, if you come from Mexico, learn the fucking language. And if you come from Florida, learn the God damn political rhetoric! This is San Fransisco! We LIKE gay people here, so shut the fuck up, or go back to Idaho! This is OUR state. If you weren't born here, get out.

If you weren't born here, you don't deserve the chance to live here and get all it's benefits.

Who's with me!

Secede from the Union!!!


  1. if you're seceding, are you taking the entire state? or will you allow the more rural counties to opt out on a case by case basis?

    Also, are you planning on forcing the retirees back from Arizona at gunpoint so they can pay their state taxes or just planning on confiscation?


  2. Well, lets see...
    I've often thought about splitting the state North and South.
    Hadn't thought of separating rural from urban, or individual opt outs by county. Seems it would get more complicated.

    Expats could move away freely, just like they can to other countries now. If they want to maintain CA citizenship, they need to keep paying taxes - just like how it works on the federal level. If they give up citizenship, then if they ever want to come back, they have to apply just like anyone else.


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