29 January 2013

What to Read?

I have been writing since 2006, and if my blogs were a MS Word document (as they are, as a backup), they would take up about 350 pages.
And a whole lot of that is just little random tidbits from my life that I found interesting the day I was writing.
Mixed in among those there are a number of in-depth essays on a wide variety of topics.  There has been no way to easily sift through all the random crap to find the good stuff.

Until now!
Wondering what to read next?
Of 200+ posts, these are (in my personal opinion) the top ~50 most interesting or useful


The Common Thread
(17 June 2013)

Before you read anything else here, you must read The Common Thread.

Then go on to read whatever you like...

UPDATED 18 Aug 2016


Protective or patronizing? Framing people as victims is anti-empowering.

It has to be disproportionate to be racism

Dec 2014

I can't stand it anymore; OR - No, actually, violent Black men don't represent all Black people.

Mar 2015

Reading list to assist in understanding everything about everything

Apr 2015

Megan's Law and The Sex Offender Registry (is a seriously flawed system)

Nudity - the Default State

May 2015

July 2016


May 2014

Apr 2014

Free Market VS Capitalism   (a multi-part series)

Mar 2014

Feb 2014

Aug 2013

Jan 2013

Dec 2012

Sept 2012

July 2012

June 2012

March 2012

Jan 2012

Jan 2011

Apr 2010
I think you should be here explicit here in step 2

Dec 2009
The Wine Barrel (Population and Parenthood)

Sept 2009
Spoiled: The Economic Downturn, Luxury as Necessity, and "Struggling" in the Modern Economy

Aug 2009
Slow Down. My Philosophy for Life also Applies to the Road

July 2009
Race (Whites Still Winning)

June 2009
Capitalists, Libertarians, and Anarchists; Oh My!

Feb 2009

Jan 2009

Dec 2008
The Root of the Problem (On economics and the creation of value)

Sept 2008

Mar 2008

 Feb 2008

Education - Now, with References!!!!

Jan 2008

Nov 2007

Oct 2007

July 2007
Scrubs,Dr. Cox,JD,wallpaper

 Jun 2007

Sept 2006

Aug 2006

July 2006


That's all for now.

I am no longer writing as consistently as I used to, so instead of checking in occasionally, I'd recommend just subscribing to new posts with the box on the top right of the page.

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