02 August 2006

Part 6; in which I'd like to find Johnny J.

  • Aug 2, 2006

Part 6; in which I'd like to find Johnny J.

Anybody know a Johnny J. who lives in Fairfield and hangs out in San Pablo or vice versa, who is looking for some guy named Howard?

Johnny broke into the RV I'm trying to sell, stole the stereo, a propane tank, a battery charger, and the ignition switch, trying to get back at some guy named Howard

Except… Howard doesn't own my RV, and never has. I don't know Johnny or Howard.

Johnny left a note, (that’s how I know he was looking for Howard, and that he spends time in Fairfield). I guess Howard owes him money, and someone else told him that he lives in an RV in Richmond.

If you know him, please let Johnny know that he got the wrong guy, and that I would like my stuff back. In fact, if he returns it on his own, I won't even press charges. Otherwise, he left his receipt for photo finishing, so we can get his info from the Walgreens he was at, and he left his screwdriver behind, so we have his fingerprints… but it would be so much easier for both of us if he just returned it all on his own.

Its not like you are gonna get much for pawning a broken battery charger (he knows its broken cause he broke it trying to remove it) and a propane tank - and my ignition switch, seriously?, what the fuck, why steal that?  You don’t have the key.  It serves you absolutely no purpose whatsoever.

Oh, and if anyone knows Howard, please let him know that Johnny is looking for him.



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