04 April 2007

No wonder I've been tired!

  • Apr 4, 2007

No wonder I've been tired!

And no wonder I haven't been shopping yet.
I just looked back over my google calender.
Today is the first day without at least one job scheduled for 10 days back.  Before that was one day off, and two more work days before that.
13 days, one day off.  Well, actually - one cancelled last minute, it was really two days off, but not consecutively.
It felt like a lot, but I didn't realize it was that much.
If I wasn't self-employed, that would have been illegal.
Today I'm not officially working, but I have to get rid of all this stuff.
Need a kitchen table/chair set?  They are wicker, good condition, glass top, rolling chairs.  How about a 7ft tall solid wood entertainment center?
On the plus side, most jobs are only a few hours - on the other hand, 5 of those days had 2 or more jobs in the same day.
Now, if I only could get my pricing down, so that I'm never spend more on a job than I charge (twice last week!!!!!!) I would be doing pretty good.
It will be nice going back to a 4/10 schedule (10 hour days, 3 days off per week) when/if I get my new job/career going.  Its like a mini vacation every week!

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