06 April 2007

It turns out my neighbor ISN'T a crack head!

  • Apr 6, 2007

It turns out my neighbor ISN'T a crack head!

It's heroin, not crack.

Not that I am surprised.  I just use the term "crack-head" because it's got a certain ring to it, which "heroin-addict" lacks.

I hear from one of my former neighbors, who bought some of my furniture today, that the crazy pet-abusing child-threatening neighbor-robbing 3-broken-car-owning driveway-full-of-crap trailer trash neighbor is actually being evicted!


Apparently despite the drug sales, the credit card fraud, the identity theft, and the burglary, he still couldn't pay the rent.
Supposedly that time the cops were here for so long, it was for his girl, not for him.  That explains why she hasn't been around for a while.  Supposedly she will be away for a good while, from all the identity theft she was caught involved in.
The former neighbor who told me all this, she warned me to watch out.  Now that he's being evicted (dear god I hope they take his kid) he has nothing to lose from hurting his neighbors - especially ones he has a grudge against, i.e. ME. 
So, one of these days something of mine will be missing, or maybe there will be a brick through the window of the truck or trailer.
But, it will be worth it!
Won't have to deal with him ever again after that.  Won't have to listen to him cursing and threatening his 2 year old for walking more than 5 ft away from the driveway.  Won't have to worry about the revenge that might or might not be coming some day.  Won't have to worry about drunkenness giving him the courage to actually start a fight - I'd have the advantage of being sober and not an idiot, but he'd have the advantage of surprise, size and weight, and probably countless street and prison fights in the past.  Considering that he already has nothing, I couldn't even sue for damages.  Even if I "won", nothing good could come of it.
But it may be a moot point very soon.  He didn't pay his rent.  They're throwing him out.
Ding-Dong the witch is dead!  Which old witch?  The wicked witch!

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  1. Those people are just not very goodto live around. Glad he used all his money from drugs and theft so he can't pay the bills. So there is an upside to addiction!


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