07 March 2015

Some assistance in freeing your life from the influence of marketers, and using your money to buy freedom instead

Here it is, Bakari's anti-consumer / anti-waste / anti-cog-in-the-capitalist-system resource guide (compilation inspired for Isaak Brown's money management class):

1) Documentary on the history of American consumerism, marketing, and government manipulation of popular emotion.
One of the most significant transitions in modern western history, and most of us have never even heard of the main players who led it!  A lot we take for granted was actually unheard of just 100 years ago. 
This documentary may well serve as more of an AdBlock for the mind as anything possibly could in just an hour:



(part 2-4 linked below the video)

2) It is often more cost effective to pay more for housing if it means a shorter commute
3) A quick summary on the concept and math behind financial independence, and the possibility of achieving it even on a low income
4) For those who are opposed to investing/capitalism - the concept does not require investing:
5) There is no good reason anyone should pay more than $100 a month for ALL communication services (mobile phone, landline, internet, home entertainment) combined:
6) ERE post that first enlightened me to how even I took for granted using energy (money) to accomplish a goal with a really easy and obvious alternative solution, simply because "that's how its done"

7) No matter how logical and rational and savvy you think you are, unless you have already studied marketing psychology, most (if not all) of these tricks DO work on you.  Its just how human brains work.  Advertisers have learned a lot since Eddy Bernays's work.  But there is one way to avoid their influence: awareness!




8) Some hard number calculators, for when you are ready to get into the nitty gritty details:





9) And lastly, of course it almost goes without saying, but in case you haven't heard: http://www.mrmoneymustache.com/

(10 - A plug for the inspiration for this list:)

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