11 February 2014


Motivated by the discovery that I have a readership of at least one, in conjunction with being caught up on all the work I can get done (until the water pump is delivered), I am going to (finally!) get started on at least one of the two essays that have been waiting inside my brain


  1. Looking forward to it!

    If I was wealthy (by American standards), I would want to be your patron so you could write more often. Your perspectives are rational and . . . rare.

    1. what's this? I have a SECOND reader?
      this is just getting weird.

      Anyway, I have actually started on the writing project I've been promising. Actually, I've finished one post, and finished parts 1 and 2 of the long one, but they aren't getting posted until everything is ready.

      I may have a brief one about the google buses and gentrification in the meantime (since I can just copy and paste my FB comments :P )

  2. Another reader here, I hide behind the RSS feed usually! Keep it coming!


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