25 March 2009

My Brain is in Overload

  • Mar 25, 2009

My Brain is in Overload

Reality is mind-bogglingly complex.

Within the past hour I have written/spoken/read about: over-population, foodsustainability, relationships, work hours (I actually had to work 3 days this week!  I don't understand how people put up with this every week),  late fees, and bike repairs.  The last two, ok, because I'm at work right now, but still, so many topics there are in the world, and each with so many levels.  I watched a video about dolphins that blow bubble rings and then swirl the bubble rings around and break them into smaller rings before finally popping them, and how other dolphins have been picking up the technique from those who know it.
Someone painted an AR-15assault rifle pink with a Hello Kitty.

My brain can't handle so much... everything.

I want to get in bed and cuddle and fall asleep feeling someone breathing next to me.

But instead I have to be at work another two hours.

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