29 December 2008

I may not be as cool as I thought I was

  • Dec 29, 2008

I may not be as cool as I thought I was

Someone pointed out to me recently that no one skates anymore.

Honestly, I hadn't noticed.

Now that I think about it, when I first picked it up, about 14 years ago, there were a lot of people on inlines ("blades" hahahaha)
out on the streets, around Berkeley and SF, on the bike paths, and not just the kids grinding and jumping, but adults, just out for some exercise, or to get somewhere.
And looking around now, it seems that there is... just me.

And all of a sudden I realized; maybe I'm not as cool as I think I am.
Not even close.  Like not even 1/20th as cool as I assume.
Maybe what I interpret as a nod and smile of approval and vicarious enjoyment is actually strangers laughing at me.
Not that this upsets me, but its really interesting to think about.

You see plenty of people walking.  There seems to be a bigger bike culture today than there was back then (I've been cycling even longer than I've been skating, and more regularly and consistently.  It wasn't always so trendy as it is today).
Skating is no more or less practical means of transport, no more or less fun.
What happened to all the people who used to skate?  Did they all stop because they saw everyone else was doing it less?  Are trends really that integral to our lives that we let it dictate... everything?

This is so strange to me, to have been skating along all these years, and suddenly look up and everyone else is gone.

For me, its faster than walking, and more fun the bicycling (hard to dance on a bicycle), its free and its good exercise, and there are no laws regulating them so I can get away with riding on both the sidewalk and the street whenever I choose; I'm gonna keep my 10 mile commute to work whenever I can.

I say one of these days you should get your old skates out of the closet and come roll around with me. 
It'll be fun.

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