11 June 2007

Stuff smells

  • Jun 11, 2007

Stuff smells


Latin for "Against Life"

That which kills, poison, death.

We consider it medicine. We use anti-life to keep us alive.

We don’t like to think that we are animals. The "higher" primates. "More" evolved - if a specie is still here, it’s equally highly evolved. We are just more recently evolved.
We like to think our motives are better, more pure or more altruistic - we want to make the world a better place, which shows we have souls; we are not animalistic, motivated by lust and hunger and fear. But altruism is common in social species, it is animalistic; and we are motivated by lust, hunger, and fear.

We teach our children early on - not on purpose, but by example, that things that are slimy are "gross". Amphibians, for example.
I can barely imagine a more pleasant sensual experience than a Japanese "SoapLand" - all slimy and slippery and soft and squishy and squirmy.

We, humanity, most societies, are antagonistic toward even just the concept of sex. We take it as given that knowing that sex exists will harm, or at least confuse children. Sex is bad for children? Without sex there are no children! Sex is life. We’re not going to learn how to bud off clone offspring anytime soon.

We like everything purified and sanitized. Sanitized for your protection. Antibiotic. Wouldn’t want to make your immune system have to work. Don’t drink the water. The people who live in second and third world countries drink the water everyday, and they haven’t all died. We avoid dirt. Dirt is soil. Soil grows plants, primary producers, that every other specie depends on for sustenance. Dirt is life. We can’t photosynthesize. We need dirt. A little dirt with your water, with your food, it won’t hurt you. What other specie drinks water only after its been distilled, or reverse osmosised? Its unnatural.

We can see, we can hear, we can feel, we can taste, we can smell. We don’t seem to care much for smell. Things have scents. Saying something "smells" is synonymous in our language for something smells bad. As though every smell were bad. Something is making a sound doesn’t automatically mean a gratingly annoying sound. Most creatures that smell, they use it, they recognize each other by smell, they find food. We don’t like each other’s smell. We wash it away. We deodorize it. The fact that we overly concentrate it with clothing even on a warm day certainly doesn’t help… Most animals don’t like the smell of strong chemicals, but who else finds the smell of their own species to be gross?

Some of the best things about being alive, like sex and food and some of the best play, is slimy and smelly and dirty and filled with bacteria - but not the kind of bacteria that are going to kill you.

We don’t find much visual stimulus to be repulsive. Seems like half of all scents stink to someone.

If we are protected from life, what is the point of living?
Why would anyone want to ingest something which is called an "anti-biotic"?

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