21 February 2007

Not a real (we)b-log

  • Feb 21, 2007

Not a real (we)b-log

Personally, I am always disappointed to open a new blog installment from one of my subscriptions, and find that it is someone else's work, just copy-and-pasted in, or just a link to something they found interesting.  I often read it anyway, but I am interested in you, in your thoughts and experiences and stories.


Considering I have had a peak of 4 subscribers (one of which canceled fairly quick!), there aren't all that many people to annoy.

A few things I stumbled upon on the web, mostly while looking for other things.  Some funny, some interesting, some scary.

(who would have guessed it was so easy? must resist temptation...)

(I feel this describes nearly everyone I know around our age)

(Dawkins is my God.)

(remember to pull that battery, and tell you co-conspirators to too)

(There's a lot here.  Browse a little.  On the brainsex quiz, I got a perfect 0 - neither masculine nor feminine.  Best of both worlds, I suppose.  I am very happy about that.  Body wise, however, I assure you I am 100% man!)

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