26 September 2007

Abridged list of enemies in EarthBound on SNES

  • Sep 26, 2007


You may well be wondering why I am posting an abridged list of EarthBound NPC adversaries.

I have no good answer for you.

All I can say is that was one of the greatest games ever, primarily because of the various people and things your character had to battle.

They never made an English version of the sequel. (It was a Japanese game. I read that the characters and scenarios were in part making fun of American culture)

If I remember correctly, this list is in order of difficulty (i.e. the ones near the bottom are more powerful)
I picked only the ones which amused me most. There are many more like this in the game.
Spiteful Crow
Mobile Sprout
Unassuming Local Guy
Ramblin’ Evil Mushroom
New Age Retro Hippie
Annoying Old Party Man
Territorial Oak
Mole Playing Rough
Happy Happyist
Worthless Protoplasm
Handsom Tom
Smelly Ghost
Urban Zombie
No Good Fly
Zombie Processor
Slimy Little Pile
Armored Frog
Plain Crocodile
Violent Roach
Smilin’ Sphere
Cute Li’l UFO
Mad Taxi
Crazed Sign
Annoying Reveler
Scalding Coffee
Mystical Record
Enraged Fire Plug
Clumsy Robot
Dali’s Clock
Abstract Art
OverZealous Cop
Kiss of Death
High Class UFO
Demonic Petunia
Even Slimier Little Pile
Hostile Elder Oak
Big Pile of Puke
Manly Fish
Manly Fish’s Brother
Master Barf
Lesser Mook
Atomic Pover Robot
Starman Deluxe
Ego Orb
Soul Consuming Flame
Psychic Psycho
Loaded Dice
Carefree Bomb
Wild ’N Wooly Shambler

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