23 March 2007

Perhaps more people read my blog than bulletins [or FCS announcement]

  • Mar 23, 2007

Perhaps more people read my blog than bulletins

Full Contact Spoons, Sunday, around noon,
contact me for location.


I have a real rugby ball, which I expect to make for excellent play!


Just so you know...

Yall missed an excellent game!

our 3rd person was an hour late - last 2 were an hour and a half late, but once we had 5 things got going. Rugby ball works well, less time spent in the piles.

now that the weather's better, I'll try to hold them more often.

email me if you'd like to be on the mailing list for next time.

Tentatively next Sat at 4:15 pm, at the old location, Ohlone Park in Berkeley (across the street form North Berkeley BART)

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