05 November 2007

For my more feminine friends

  • Nov 5, 2007

For my more feminine friends

It isn't about strength to weight ratio.

Don't let your natural estrogen to testosterone ratio deter you.

It is a matter of will.

(Well, that, and lots and lots of practice)

The term is "traceuse" (French) and I think we need more of them.
After all, consider ice skating, swing dancing, gymnastics, and track & field.  Plenty of our gentler and more attractive gender in those sports.  Parkour is really no more than track plus gymnastics applied to a real world setting.

Speaking of which, these two show how these things can be very practical and useful skills to be comfortable with in real world situations.  You never know when something like the following may happen to you!...


  1. Well it appears for what ever reason that I may be the only one to comment on your blog, but for the sake of honoring your work on this and other posts I wished to let you know how very similar your opinion is to mine. It is very nice to see a person "self-actualize" and as both a logically and artistically motivated doer and thinker you are a real inspiration. I wish I had been looking for similar minded people a decade or two ago but well it's not too late. Keep up doing what you know is right.

  2. I wondered at first if this might not be a spam bot comment, as there is nothing to indicate any particular relevance to any particular post - but there are no links, no trackbacks, and not even a profile associated with it, so what possible motivation would be left for a spam-bot?
    In which case, the only remaining possibility is this is a legit - though anonymous and slightly cryptic - comment.

    Well then, why thank you!

    I think few comment because I have about 10 subscribers (one of which is me), and the handful of people who stumble here from Google are looking for something specific (usually pictures, sometimes the used bike buying guide).
    All this writing started out as basically just a diary; any readers I get above 0 is just frosting.


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